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Sensational Shale Gas ‘Cocktail’ Coverage

By Peter Willams, The West Australian newspaper. The Australian chief of the US energy giant at the forefront of developing shale gas in WA says the industry has failed to defend the practice of “fraccing” against claims about its dangers. The president of ConocoPhilip’s Australian business, Todd Creeger, said business had been on the back…

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Wipe Your Bottom on the House of the Sumatran Tiger

There are less than 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild. The habitat of Sumatran tigers is being sold in IGA supermarkets across Australia as toilet paper. IGA buys its toilet paper from Indonesia’s most notorious rainforest destroyer, Asia Pulp and Paper (APP). If you believe in Principle before Profit, and you don’t like the…

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Monster Wind Turbines

The Vestas V164 7 Megawatt.A dedicated offshore turbine – specifically designed for the roughest North Sea conditions. According to Anders Søe-Jensen, President of Vestas Offshore, the offshore wind market is set to really take off over the coming years, but more so in some parts of the world than in others: “We expect the major…

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The World’s Best Gourmet Places

1. Donghuamen Night Market, Beijing, China This bustling night market is a kaleidoscopic food zoo of all the Chinese food you could wish to try (with plenty of critters-on-a-stick you might not care for, into the bargain). For the squeamish, there are lamb kebabs, beef and chicken skewers, corn on the cob, noodles and candied…

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Weight Loss Secret – Eat Eggs With Cayenne

Try eggs with cayenne to start the day. Cayenne and other peppers contain capsaicin, which suppresses appetite signals in the body. It also increases your metabolism rate, Western union point so you burn the calories faster. The protein in the eggs make you feel fuller as well.

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Steve McQueen’s Cars to be Sold

A 1953 Siata 208/S Spider and a 1970 Porsche 911S once owned by Steve McQueen will be sold at Monterey Car Week. The Porsche (which is being sold by Jerry Seinfeld) was delivered to McQueen, appropriately enough, while he was on the set of Le Mans and boasts just 12,400 miles. The cherry red Siata,…

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The History of the English Language in 10 Minutes

Everyone who speaks English knows it’s a jumbled mess of borrowed words, colloquialisms and exceptions to the rules. The Internet has shown us that even 13 (or more) years of English education aren’t even enough for some people to get the basics down. But also thanks to the Internet, there are ways to learn about…

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No Justice for Constable Matthew Butcher

The WA Police Commissioner said he was “thoroughly disgusted” with the outcome of the six-week trial that saw three men acquitted of assault against police officers – including Constable Matthew Butcher. Karl O’Callaghan said he had already received two resignations from rank-and-file police officers this morning in protest of the not-guilty verdicts – which saw…

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Beer Prices in Perth

A middy is essentially half a pint at 325mL. At the Subiaco Hotel a middy of beer costs $5.20 which equates to $16/L. Beer costs about $5/L at retail prices, meaning the hotel is charging 320% of the retail price for beer, and they are buying their beer at wholesale prices which means they are…

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Environmental Problems Caused by Fracking / Coal Seam Gas Mining

CSG: a threat to us all. Tues 31 May, 2011. The coal seam gas industry is holding its ninth annual conference today in Brisbane. For the first time in its nine years of holding such conferences, the industry will be confronted by a movement that is horrified by the potential risks it presents to our…

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Sad Pollution on Australian Beaches

Volunteers sorting and recording marine debris collected at Binningup Beach during the 2010 South West Beach Cleanup. Millions of tiny plastic resin pellets, some containing harmful chemicals, which litter Western Australia’s southern beaches, are thought to be contributing to the “inevitable” wipe out of the world’s marine species. A report from the International Programme on…

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The Truth About the American Economy

Robert Reich connects the dots on the economy, in less than 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Summary: Since 1980 the American economy has doubled in size. However, adjusting for inflation, wages have barely increased. Almost of all of the gains of the economy have gone to the super rich. With money comes political power. Before…

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